It's a girl!!!

Okay so Amber and I have the uncanny ability to just know things before they happen, and it turns out we were right on our hunch! Our little bub is a girl!! She's feisty too and has her mammas attitude! Our scan was supposed to go for half an hour but we ended up spending a whole hour with our littlest princess. Our main concern was to check for a possible hole in her heart (Jas had one as a baby), and because bub had been up at midnight throwing a party, she decided to sleep in and be unco-operative! The sonographer was as cold as ice, not very nice to talk to and seemed genuinely annoyed with her whole job - so got extremely rough and started shoving my tummy around all over the place and saying "wake up baby" - poor bub probably thought it was an earthquake! Well I had to walk around, touch my toes and try any thing to try and wake her up. When she did, we got a lovely picture of her doing the "birdy". She wasn't impressed. Another doctor came in this time - he was fantastic - and said everything was just perfect. We looked at bub's arms, legs, bones, ribs, heart, heart rate, feet, hands, brain, umbilical cord, bladder, stomach, kidneys the works! It was amazing to be able see it all on the screen. We managed to get a cute 3D of bub sucking her thumb!
Just like her big sister Amber!Two cute little feet - side by side!

So as you can imagine, Amber is absolutely thrilled! I even made her a little book of photos to show her friends:
Okay, blogger is being annoying again! I'm not even going to try and reload this. This little album has all the pictures that Amber loves in it of her little sister. It's about 3 inches x 3 inches. I cut out all the pages, rounded the corners and once I was happy with everything, laminated it - because it's going to get passed around alot! Amber loves it!


Jennifer Priest said...

Awww how cute you two are!!! Congrats on the girl!! That 3D ultrasound looks awesome.

Danica said...

Wonderful news Sarah! What an awesome pic of your littlest princess, and what a wonderful gift for Amber :)

LuvJones said...

Congrats woman!!! Hope you are feeling well!