And the wall came tumbling down...

Okay, well not tumbling, Jas nicked my tree saw and used it to remove grout before gently pulling out the bricks! Apparently it's the perfect tool for removing grout. We are now up to the stage in our new office of putting in a door. Currently we are getting through a doorway no wider than a 60cm ruler. (It's a little gap between upright pieces of wood in the back wall where we've taken out a nogging). Here are some photos so far:
Our office now has walls and windows!

You can see Sweeps - our site manager coming in for an inspection - Sweeps is also showing the small gap that we use to get into the new office.This is a merged photo of the opposite end of the new office - you can see our new door (it's a Pocket Slider) It will slide away into the wall when not being used.

This is where the door is going! The white lines on the brick show the door outline, we just have to remove the old power point and switch. You can see the gyprock and the ply-bracing in the wall too.

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