End of week madness...

Oh I have a lot to catch up on - first though, Amber received an award today!

Amber also had a school disco this afternoon - and she had to wear a mask! She ended up finishing early though due to not feeling well.

Now some BBC catch-up:

#8-My greatest summer memory would be going to Fraser Island. Our family had the best time driving on the sand, along the beach, through the forest. Then we camped in the camping ground with our camper - those things are amazing how they just unfold off a trailer! We even had dingoes go through our camp. They look so friendly, it's hard to believe they'd take your arm off! We saw heaps of them running in packs along the beach too. We fished, swam and walked our way around the island. I remember spending one day completely inside the camper due to rain - I think I spent the whole day in PJs! That was the coolest holiday!

#9 - A picture of water:

Okay Blogger is really ******* me off!!! This is the 3rd time I've tried to upload this photo and Blogger seems to think it's funny to put it this way. This is Amber standing in the water in Mackay - the water was soo clear you could see specks of gold in the water (my camera couldn't pick it up though)

#12 - All about me

I really don't have too many photos of me that I like - but this is one I do. Jas, Amber and I were all part of our friends wedding party! Yep I got to walk down the aisle to my wonderful hubby for the second time! Amber was stoked that she was part of a wedding too as she tells me all the time that she really wanted to be in mine (she wasn't born then!)
I really don't like talking about me. This is a little bit of a challenge. Basically I love scrapbooking and photography - I prefer to be the one taking the photos, rather than being in them. I'm pretty savvy with a computer, particularly with PSP - I love getting in there and altering things. I like to spoil my friends - just making them happy makes me happy. I can't really think of too many things to buy for myself, but if I won the lotto my family and friends would be sitting pretty! I feel guilty doing things for myself. The one thing that I let myself go with is scrapbooking - but I feel I'm doing it for my family, because I don't want them to forget anything and remember even the smallest details about their life. This is another reason why I find it hard to work on my BOM. It's hard to do things about me, for me. Other things that I enjoy are reading, gardening, renovating, blogging, and astronomy. I love my telescope - but it's a challenge to find dark places to use it in the suburbs! I'm not a morning person but can stay up all night (well up until I became pregnant and now I'm lucky if I stay awake through lunch!) I love spring cleaning my house! There is something about hauling bags of junk that you thought you threw out last spring clean, and giving your house a thorough wash down! I figure if I can't lose weight - my house can! I absolutely delight in Amber's milestones - dancing on stage, getting awards, loosing yet another tooth, seeing her being confidant and having a good self-esteem (something that I could learn from her!) I truly feel I've babbled enough.


Carmen Olson said...

Great photo of you! Try not to be guilty about things you do for yourself. You deserve a break for all the things you do for others. I know it's hard I used to feel guilty when I did stuff for me too, but when we give ourselves a break we give a lot to those we love too.

Ellie said...

Congrats to Amber! We always wanted to get a camper to travel. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Very nice picture of you. I'm not a morning person either, hate getting up early because I always go to bed late. Happy to read on all your "catch-up" blogs.

Scrap Evangel said...

Congrats to Amber. And great photos. TFS!!

Me said...

Love the catch up! And girlfriend you are so cute... you have to be in the pictures. My girlfriend told me you can't be a scrapbooker and not be in the photos. Don't write yourself out of you family history! JUMP IN! YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Helena said...

OOh this is freaky, you could be wirting about me, except for the astronomy bit!!!!!