Bah! To being sick!...

Oh I ache all over and have literally spent the day on the sofa under a doona. Every now and then I venture out into the cold to help Jas with the new wall. Our carport door has officially been removed and now Jas is putting the finishing touches on the frame so that it's closed off and not accessable to passersby! Don't want anyone wandering in our backyard! Will try to get a picture (it's very dark, windy and rainy outside though)

PhotobucketPhotobucketIn other news my BFF Amy had her little boy!!!! Yay!!!! Brave girl, I'm hoping to go and visit her this afternoon - I want to let her family visit first. Can't wait to see the little kickboxer that's been beating up my besty!

I managed to get one layout done this weekend:
It was created for an inking challenge that my group is having on I used bubblewrap pressed on my ink pad to create the effect around the pink bazzill.


Sarah said...

So sorry that you're not feeling well, but congrats on Besty's new baby!!

Love the LO...the inking is awesome!! Will definitely have to try it out!

Helena said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well, get better soon!!!

Love your LO!


Amy said...

Get well soon - love the layout! I need to try that bubblewrap thing. I've been seeing that a lot lately.

Greta Adams said...

awww hope you feel better soon. I got your layout in the slide...i LOVE it!!
and bubble wrap stamping is so fun isn't it?

very addicting

Carmen Olson said...

Love the layout and the bubblewrap technique. Sorry that you're ill.