I've been working my little beehind off over the past two weeks to get a module finished for my Diploma. It has to be completed before the end of this week. Anyway, one of the annoying time consuming parts of it was to create 20 lesson plans about activities relating to self-esteem, self-concept and decision making skills. There also had to be 20 photos. Now I had most of the activities at work, but some needed to be created from scratch - thankfully my ever wonderful daughter helped me out. She's a great little actor and model! Here is one of the activities we did together:Create yourself as a vege-person! Amber says she is dancing here - love those little bean arms, she has beetroot and cauliflour strings for hair, a banana body, mandarine feet, chopped grapes for eyes and a nose, a cut piece of banana for a smiling mouth and dried pineapple for buttons.

Some other activities we had to make were - a tic-tac-toe grid of words that we could talk about positively together, creating a page of cutout pictures of things that she likes, matching games, creating a mask (we did that a while ago), talking about ourselves in the mirror and playing dominos.

Amber has had a lot of fun with this assignment and thankfully it's helped me stay focused to get it done! Thanks Amber for all your wonderful help and imagination!!


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