We are home!!

What a gorgeous weekend we have had! We have all just arrived home from 3 days in Mackay. We flew up there at around 6am on Friday morning (that's a 3am start - blek!), then we settled in to our cute little unit that sat about 100m from the beach, we had complete ocean front views, our own private pool and beautiful weather the whole trip!! On Saturday at 10.30am we attended our friends' wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and was held at their house. We were then bussed over to this gorgeous marina for a Thai lunch (yummo!). Amber ended up eating ice-cream from the icecreamery next door, but we enjoyed the most wonderful flavours and smells! After that we bussed our way back to the bride and grooms house for the afternoon festivities. I actually went back to the unit with Amber because she was getting quite bored and at the unit we could relax and she could swim. Jas partied on and I finally picked him up around 9pm. The rest of our stay consisted of beach walks, lot of photos, crab and fish hunting and collecting, the odd shell finding, rock exploring and checking out the local life of Mackay. Here are a few of our favourite photos:

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