Whoa it's been a while...

PhotobucketI have been soo busy this week. So far I've managed to plan and decorate the kid's bathroom at work (for our bathroom competition), make the decorations, paint windows, complete my own everyday paperwork, fill out all my forms for permanent work and then sit for my First Aid refresher! I had to do an online test that took 2hrs! Then this morning I had to go with the girls to another centre and do the practical side. I truly hope that I never ever have to use CPR on a baby or child, just looking at the little practise dummies gave me chills. Using an Epi Pen bothers me too - but I guess in a situation where you need it, you just do your job and hope you do it well enough to keep someone alive till better help arrives. I personally believe that everyone should do some sort of first aid & CPR training - especially if you have kids. There are so many pools in backyards now and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.
PhotobucketPhotobucketNow, is everyone participating in Earth Hour tonight??? I hope so. I've told my family that we are spending the evening in the dark - dinner should be over by 8pm. I'm hoping it's clear enough to break out the ol' telescope! If you don't know about Earth Hour, jump on over to http://www.earthhour.org/ and learn something new. We can all be super hero's and help to save the planet.
PhotobucketOkay, it's now 9.06pm, hope you all turned your lights out! I even turned the Tv off and played board games with Amber for the whole hour (turns out she's a terrible cheat, and doesn't like losing much) but it was fun to do something away from noisy technology! We had scented candles (cause I love dusk and don't own normal candles!) and sat on the lounge room floor and played Mouse Trap and My Little Pony Trouble! I did try to take some photos, had a near whisker-singe moment when Sweeps tried to sniff the candle but on the whole glad that I did my little bit for Earth Hour! Will post piccy's tomorrow...

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  1. Glad all is going well--sounds fun the bathroom competition. I heard about the earth hour thing but I am a night owl--need the lights on. Chat with ya soon!


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