Where's Hagrid When You Need Him!...

Okay so I think I met one of Aragog's family members - and she's really big!!! Her web alone spans about 2 metre's squared. It starts at the corner of the house and swings over to the trampoline and then down to the ground. It also had a big hole in the middle and was super sticky! I say had, because Amber forgot that it was there and swung the broom through the middle while she was helping her dad sweep the new cement. Obviously Jas is not at all thrilled about this new tenant - me on the other hand think it's just another photo opportunity not to be missed. I was about a metre from it when I took the pictures and Jas kept saying - "okay that's enough, don't get closer - stop and come inside" I think I was freaking him out! Here she is:Her actual body is bigger than a 50 cent piece! Then there's the leg span. When I took the pictures I didn't actually think she was hairy - perhaps "she's" a "he"? No lady I know has a back that hairy and legs that badly in need of a wax! Will have to check out her web tomorrow..


  1. Who made the graphic for the top of your blog? I'd love one for mine :)


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