Valentine's Layout

I just completed this layout for my group - The Blinging Babes. The challenge was to choose a number between 1 & 10 (mine is 4) and then convey that number in photos, brads, ribbons and patterned paper.

I had to get creative with the brads, 3 are in the ribbon and the 4th is on the photo of my mini book

I also used 4 staples - two are holding the ric-rac and the other two were made into a cross at the end of the journalling

There are 4 roses on the layout

I also raised for "ones", as I bought one rose for my number one man! You can read more in the journalling.

I had tons of fun with these photos - I've always wanted a photo of my wedding rings closeup (the photos I got at our wedding didn't show our rings at all!) I also bought the valentine's candy especially for these photos, but when I opened the packet they had horrible marks on them! Oh well. The top photo I did completely manually with my camera - the colours are so much more "real" than in automatic, only downside is it shows up movement as a blur.

HINT: If anyone would like to - I would love a tripod for my camera for my birthday! I think I've dropped the hint to Jas but so far no response.... must look for tripod brochure me thinks....

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Scrapbooking 4 Less said...

Good Morning Sarah,

OMG this Valentines Layout is so Gorgeous. I love the Photos they are just so clear. I hope you get a Tripod for your B'day. I have a Tripod which I use a lot for my Digital SLR Camera.

I hope you have a great Birthday and get Totally spoilt too.

Take Care,
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