PhotobucketYep changed the colour again... it's a bit like moving the furniture around your house, sometimes you just get sick of the way it looks! I decided to go blue, and the template seems to be a little wider. I also like the way the bottom is even - it drove me nuts that I had to reset the amount of posts so that it matched the right bar evenly (yes I'm a little picky).
Well it's nearly the end of February and I've pretty much settled into my new job, every day I find something that needs to be done around the room, so it's keeping me pleasantly busy, but not stressed. I'm nicely organised so the room is running smoothly - now I just have to get the assistant next door to start helping outside and my day will be perfect. The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days - quite rainy, but nice and cool. Nothing worse than standing in a playground in 40 degree heat! Well it's deffinatly time for dinner (Jas is at work), which reminds me, I cannot wait for a fence around my front yard. Last night just after Jas left for work (at 10pm) some horrible person ran along my front verandah and smashed away on the front door!!! Thankfully I wasn't in bed and was turning the computer off, so I didn't frighten too badly, but it was enough for me to grab Sweeps, the phone and a torch and hide under my doona! Our front yard is too open for my liking, and living on a corner doesn't help when people cut through our yard and carport to go around the corner. Hmmmphhhh

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