The rains are here - again!

Around lunchtime today the sky got threatening, then just before 3pm you couldn't see the neighbours for all the rain. I popped home at lunch to find Jas up to arm pits in mud as he decided that he was going to put in some sort of drainage to stem the flow of water around our house. Of course he didn't get finished before the heaven's opened. When I got home from work, the water was nearly lapping the back door - worse than all the other floods - and his drainage was, well, floating!!! Of I went uniform and barefeet into the rain. I had to get that drainage working, nothing was going to let that water beat me. It hasn't beaten me yet and it's not going to win! I used bricks and pavers to sit on top of the channels to hold them down. Once they sunk the water poured into them and flowed out onto the front lawn, where it was supposed to go in the first place. See most of the water gets stuck in this part of the yard and has nowhere to run but back towards the house, laundry and then down past the rest of the house. But todays rain was rediculous! Meanwhile, Jas was waving bye to go to work when I suddenly realised that my glasses which were hanging from my shirt were now missing (you just can't wear glasses in the rain!) Jas had to wade out in the water and find them - thankfully he did. I didn't want to spend tomorrow looking through haze while I was at work! Two disasters averted - time for dinner. We really have to get that sewer looked at. I can't have it overflowing every time the clouds sneeze! Here's some pics of after the storm:

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