Doof Doof Cars, Handkerchiefs and BIMS...

Jas and I headed to the city today, I had to pick up stuff from where I used to work, and then we walked across the bridge to the Southbank Exibition Centre for the Brisbane International Motor Show. How silly is this - it doesn't open until 12pm! So we had to walk around aimlessly for and hour - that included the 1/2 hour wait for tickets! We entered the car show between Hyundia and Saab. There were some really nice cars, some guy from Suzuki tried his best to sell be a bumblebee yellow car - yep I'll give that to my MIL! Felt completely underdressed to be looking at the Ferrari & Bentley's - seemed to be a black-tie event just to look at the cars, there was a model pouring herself over a Porsche (we noted that even she wasn't allowed to put her hands on the windows or bonnet and had her hands wrapped in tissue paper! - okay, so maybe only I noticed her hands...) As we were walking past Hyundai I decided I wanted a closer look as Jason was going to walk around the whole exhibit - took him a micro-second to change his mind when he saw the bright green handkerchiefs walking around the cars! I did notice one common addition to station wagons and 4 wheel drives is putting the kids in the boot - how to own a bus - but not! The pimped out cars had tv screens in the doors (all 4), one where your stereo usually sits on the dash, two in the rear of the driver and passenger seats and if you're extra lucky they throw in 2-4 in the boot. Lost count with all the speakers, but atleast the music sounded good - oh and the floor of the car was illuminated green - a nice touch. Here's my christmas list - I mean photos:
This was the boot of a ute
Another boot - the doors on this car lift up and there are more screens in them.

Okay this one was a beast! It's a Lincoln - and very nice (Jas thought Dad might like this)

No prizes for guessing why I took this photo! Look mum - you're 33!

After the show, we wandered back to the Myer centre for a late lunch and then home to rest my weary feet - should have worn my joggers!

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