Canal Living...

Well it's happened again. The rain was turned on and then someone forgot to turn it off. We can't use the toilet (it's full of water), we can't use the kitchen sink (it's full of water), and both have intermittent bubbling. Funny thing though - the inspection port isn't underwater like last time. I had a funny feeling we were in for a boat load of rain again, so I've been slowly removing all the pebbles from around the patio - to create a channel for the water to run into. So far it's working a charm. We've just had a really heavy downpour and I had to rip up pavers again, and it's flowing pretty fast. I really wanted to know where the water was coming from this time, as it's daytime I figured it was safe to rummage around in the palm trees. Over in the corner of our yard I noticed an awful lot of water pooling and flowing, turns out there is water pouring from the corner of our fence, coming from next door. Obviously their pool has overflowed again, and we are copping it! I spent a full hour in the rain first thing this morning digging a huge trench from the backyard, down the side of the house and out to the carport where the water naturally flows down the slope and out into the street gutter. (This way any water that's not caught by the drain out the back has somewhere to escape to). You see our house is surrounded by red pebbles. I guess the previous owner hated grass and dirt, but it makes it easy for me to dig in and I can just cover it up when the rain goes away. We are really going to have to look into a proper drainage system though, and work out why our drains keep backing up. I'm going to have to take Amber to the shops if she needs to go to the toilet any time today!
Oh how I miss my patio at the unit - this never would have happened there. Here we have no guttering, a badly sloped patio floor, when it pours water leaks between the eaves and the patio roof, absolutely no drains that work correctly - Arrrrrggggg. I just hope the rain doesn't get in the house, that's all I'm worried about. Oh here's a funny for the morning, I just barely remembered that a toad lives in the aggy pipe, well he must have decided that his water bed was too big for him and moved out, I nearly stepped backwards on him, screamed my head off, picked up a lump of paver and (left handed mind you) tossed it at him, nailing him on the head. I then flicked him over under the clothesline with a broom, where he sat for about 45 minutes feeling sorry for himself. He's a tough little bugger though, cause he's hopped away now!

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