Now I'm happy...

PhotobucketWell it's taken a few attemps, but I am finally happy with my banner! It's still raining on and off outside, and now we have flood warnings effective in our area! The river is about to burst it's banks! So of course Amber and I had to go investigate ourselves. We checked it in 3 spots, and yep it rising and flowing quite quickly. Glad I don't live right next to the river (but we arn't that far from it either!). After last nights effort I really, really, really miss my beautiful patio that we built at our old house!!

So I totally planned on having Amber and Jason's Go-cart photos ready for scrapping today - I even went to the LSS to find some stickers and such (you can never go to the scrapbook store and only get one thing!), and I sat down at home ready to start only to realise - you actually need photos to scrap with!! Der! So I'll do that tomorrow, I was really keen too. Oh well, worked on my banner anyway.

I'm putting some sneak peeks of my newest quilt here. I actually cut and appliqued everything before we moved and never got around to doing it, but this year is all about tieing up loose ends and finishing everything I started. So here's your peek:

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