Now I'll tell you about Go-Carting!...

On the 4th Jason, Amber, Mic, Aaleyah and I went Go-Carting - I actually only went along for the photo opportunity! It was pouring rain and Jason assured me we would only be there for about 1/2 and hour. Yeah right. The girls got a pit pass with 3 cart rides and 3 amusement park rides. We got through them pretty quick and then the boys decided to have their own race. They pretty much just mopped the track with their bums, because they came back covered in dirt, sand, and water. Several times the carts had to come in because it was just too wet to continue (read: you couldn't see out your helmet!). Here (finally) are my layouts:
The flames were rediculous to make. I thought using self adheasive felt would be good, but it's actually wrecked my sewing machine! I had to do all this stitching by hand! As you can see in the photos the track was pretty slick, Amber looked like a bobble head in her helmet, and wearing hair-nets is fashionable! It was really weird creating a "boyish" layout for Amber! Oh and the title is from Amber always wanting her dad to show her how "To turn left to go right" from the Cars movie - hence the 3D sticker of Lightning McQueen.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I love the Lightning son would too...those flames are so cool!

  2. Great photos! Those flames look awesome. :)


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