The mother of all tantrums....

Well the afternoon started off fairly quiet, I was going to do some scrapping, Jas was watching the cricket and then Amber exploded! I have never seen her so naughty or so angry! She was out of control! She was screaming and throwing things and the look on her face was of sheer disgust. She wouldn't listen to a word Jas or I were saying as we tried to remain calm and discuss the situation with her or to try and defuse the bomb that is our daughter. This went on for at least an hour. No amount of time out or talking was getting through to her until she finally just ran out of steam and laid down on our bed for rest. I honestly think her behaviour has something to do with additives and preservatives. Since she's been on holiday she's had a lot more junk than she would normally be allowed, and I have deffinately learned my leason from this. I ended up searching on the internet for some info on this topic and found there are thousands of sites that all proclaim problems in children arise from colours, preservatives and additives - and Amber had a fair chuck of all of these when she ate her cake. Every colour in that cake is a known problem to children that are sensitive to Tartrazine (E102), the Benzoate family (211-119), Sunset Yellow (E110), Carmoisine (E122) & Ponceau (4R E124). Hopefully by altering Amber's eating habits and going back to school (so she's back in a routine and has something to do each day) will help us all.
Now there is a silver lining to all this - Jason found this little surprise in Amber's bedroom when the bomb had fizzled:
Now at a quick glance this looks like an ordinary pillow, but look closer and you will see a person on there - Amber decided that since Nan couldn't stay and she really wanted her here (NOW!), that she would draw herself Nan! She even has curly hair and glasses! Also because Piglet and Ariel (the dog) have been put away due to the tantrum - Nan is being carted around for hugs and support! I feel like such a crappy parent! :(

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