Man made disaster area...

My computer has been put on high alert for a possible crash, it is unsafe to use it, possible volatility at centre, proceed with caution! Thank goodness for laptops! I just spent 3 hours transferring everything that I posses on the main computer over to my laptop, in the hopes that I won't lose everything! I had to use my USB thing and it doesn't hold alot! Anyway, hopefully it's just the video card and can be fixed easily and cheaply.
I have finished my Clear Mini Album! My head was going to pop from all the ideas I had. Here are some pics:
Would you believe it didn't cost a thing! I used clear CD's (they come in the bottom of writable disc packs), drilled some holes and inserted ring clips. I used some scraps, cut out stickers, doodled on some things, tied some ribbon and then added the photos! Voila, one summery, colourful clear mini album. I've been dying to try to make one and inspiration hit! Just click on the photos to the right and you will see them bigger. That's about it for me - night!

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