Jewellery making and a bit of Sweeps...

Amber and I finished making her princess jewellery today. We actually started them on Christmas Day - but beading becomes a little tedious and frustrating when you're six, so we put the last one away for a rainy day. Today is that day - well the sun's out now, but I wanted to do some craft with Amber. We made a Cinderella bracelet. These are great fun, except with every piece of jewellery you don't get enough beads in the packets! We followed the instructions every time and there just isn't enough. But, we worked around it and here are Amber's masterpieces:

Belle and Ariel are necklaces and Cinderella is the bracelet. They look really pretty and Amber enjoys adding them to her princess costumes.

Now about Sweeps - the eternal snoozer. All she does is sleep during the day! Well I bothered her this morning with a piece of string and got this look:

Yeah - I don't think she's impressed! But look at her little paw - she's not letting go! My pretty kitty!!

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