First Day of School...

It's finally here! The bag is packed with new books and pencils. Amber's lunch and drink bottle are in too. The new shoes are on and look shiny against her new dress uniform. We even put pretty green ribbons in Amber's hair for the new school year. Amber was very excited, wondering who would be in her class from last year and also left the house rambling rules about how to look after "Ariel" the dog and what her dad and I should do for the day while she is away! When we got to the school, parking was a mess and crossing-guardes were few, which was a shame due to the amount of people wandering around trying to cross the very busy school road. One thing I did notice was the presence of the school principal who stood on the other side of the road we had to cross, welcoming us all for the new school year. We found Amber's new classroom quite easily and met with her teacher again (Amber had her for Prep), and then we set about finding a table to sit at. Amber (ever the independant one), chose a table away from everyone - another little girl who Amber knew from last year got up from her seat and came over and sat next to Amber. It was so good to see a familiar face. There are only about 5 kids from her class last year that are in Amber's class this year. We pulled out all her books and placed them in the tidybox on the table. Then after meeting and greeting Jas and I said our goodbyes to a very chatty Amber (I think she has been itching to spend time with someone other than us!), and we were on our way. Jas and I actually went to see the movie National Treasusre - it was pouring outside and Jas couldn't mow. I also popped over to a centre in the hopes that I could still get a job there. You see where I'm working casual at the moment, the director has been telling everyone and their dog about the centre I want to work at, and that centre has had many people asking for the position. I really thought I was out of the running (and it made me angry that I'm stuck working down the road in a dead-end job). But the new centre director was happy to see me, took me on a tour and gave me my hours for next week. She wants me to give it a go for a week to see if I like it, and if I fit in with her team. So there's my challenge for the week!

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