Ariel the birthday dog...

Yes it's time to throw a party for another of Amber's friends. This time it's Ariel's birthday. Ariel is a much loved dog that has apparently taken the place of Piglet! Yep Amber told me this morning that Piglet can be washed and put away because she loves Ariel more. So while Nan was visiting they made Ariel a cake. Amber was a little impatient on waiting for the cake to cool and decided that they were to ice it there and then - well we all know what happeded next - lots of tears and an interesting tent-like icing feature. It ended up looking really cool, but Amber wasn't impressed! So she ordered another cake - I made this one for her, but Amber chose all the ingredients, colours and decorations. Here are the photos:Ariel watching her cake as we sang happy birthday.Amber helping Ariel to blow the candles out.
The Fairy cake - Amber originally wanted a Pony cake like her cousins, but we couldn't find a Pony picture. This cake is a chocolate Betty Crocker cake, with Vanilla Betty Icing that we coloured pink, there's bright dollar 5's around the edge and heart sprinkles. I made the flower decorations around the pictures with my Tupperware icing ball (marvelous little thing!) Don't you just love the colours on Amber's cake though! Nan also wrote Ariel's name across the cake, but it slid over the side a little - the cake was just beautiful to eat!

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