The laundry so far...

Okay so you've seen the photos of the laundry before - well I have another "during" photo. It looks finished, but we still have to add the tile splash back. If I feel the urge, I may do it today while Jas is trying to play golf in our recent cyclonic weather.

As you can see we have shelves!! I love organization! I plan to get some really nice baskets that hide what's in them and look uniform, instead of the blue plastic ones I have here. We also have door handles! A must if you want to use the inside of your new cupboards.

I actually love my laundry now - I think I love it more than the one at our unit - mainly because it has natural light and the unit laundry had none as it was inside with no windows. Now all I need is my fold out clothes airer above the tub and possibly another shelf above that and I'm set. I'm also having a think and perusing Howards for shoe storage, as the current arrangement (hidden between the cupboards and the washing machine) isn't going to work for Jas & Amber as it's "way to hard to pull out the shoe rack at the moment, so I'm just going to throw them in the laundry and mum will pick them up!" Oh I am soo happy! Oh and there is about 12hrs 20mins until 2008, woohoo. I can dump my baggage and try out the new suitcase waiting for me at midnight!!!! I love New Year's Eve!

Oh look what I just made! It's a tiny book that I can add to each year - it's got our special ornaments in it! Each year Amber and I choose a special ornament to put on our Christmas Tree and I decided to chronical it by making a book. Can you tell I like ribbons - one of them I knicked from Jason's Christmas Hamper - well it's not like he was using it or anything. Each page has a photo, the year and then on the back an explanation of why I bought it or what's so special about it. Then I've laminated them, punched two holes in the top for binder rings and then tied on all the pretties. Easy peezy.
Note: I didn't use any fonts for journalling or titles, because this time next year I won't find the correct one and then the book will look funny with different fonts. Also I punched holes in the pages before I laminated them - it's a lot easier to punch just plastic without a layer of paper inbetween. I will also round off all the edges as laminated plastic is a bit pointy!
I was actually inspired to do this little project from a challenge I saw in the forums - you had to photograph and scrap something inanimate. I didn't get to do the challenge with all the guff going on at home, but I still wanted to do it - so here it is.
Okay there is only 7 hours left of 2007! I just hope the wind stops howling long enough for some fireworks or there is going to be one unhappy lady here!

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