Achmed - This is so funny!

I couldn't resist putting this on here for Christmas. Jeff Dunham and his puppets are soo funny!

Update: Amber just came and informed me that Piglet has been complaining of a sore arm for the past couple of days and that he needs an X-ray. So we took him to see Dr Porky at the Brisbane X-Ray & Bovine Hospital. I took a photo of his chart while we were there. Thankfully we got in to see the Dr straight away and didn't have to wait too long. Piglet was very good and stayed very still throughout the x-ray. He even got a lollypop at the end! Turns out Piglet has a nasty break in his right arm and it had to be bandaged. Dr Porky was very kind and gave piglet his very own pink hospital band and pink pin to hold the bandage in place. Piglet also has to take special Pig Panadol for pain management. Here's some photos:

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