Quiet Day

Today was a little quiet. I went up to school with Amber this morning to do reading and her teacher is still away sick. We took her teacher's present in yesterday, and it's had to sit on her desk awaiting her arrival back to school. I walked in today and someone had shoved a Christmas card and candy cane into the middle of it bending one of the flower stems - the relief teacher Amber has at the moment is - how should we say - doing everything she can to be different to anything the children are used to. Apparently she isn't all that fond of Amber's teacher and prefers everything to be done differently. Suffice to say the children don't know which way is up and are just doing their own thing to keep them happy. I had 11 children, of mixed reading abilities, to try and read from 4 books today - total and utter chaos! The poor things were so bored waiting for their turn! Still deciding if I want to go up for craft tomorrow afternoon - think I'll wait and see if Amber's teacher is back or not first.

I completed Amber's tooth fairy layout today (of course I haven't added her actual teeth - as we all know the tooth fairy has them *wink wink*, and Amber looks through the albums from time to time, so I'll wait a while before adding them). Here it is - it's actually a little dull, even though the photos were taken outside in the sun - thought it would be easier than scanning them.
I love the bottom picture - it was taken as Amber was going to school. I've also taken a good one of her smiling and showing her gap in front of the christmas tree - yep I'm going to do a "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" layout! I was soo hoping she'd lose them before Christmas!!! Well Amber should be home any second, we are going to write Christmas cards for her school friends this afternoon. Jason has been called into work for nightshift - even though he is on holiday! Toodles

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