Houstin we have a problem!

About a week ago Amber realised that she had wiggly teeth - this also happened about a month ago but turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking. But this week, nope, it's the real deal. We are all so excited that the tooth fairy is coming to visit! Amber's two bottom teeth are both wiggly and hopefully will fall out for Christmas. But on Thursday while Jas was playing a game of "what's this", and pointing to Amber's nose, ear, cheek etc, he pointed to her teeth and Amber gently bit him. It was then that Jas realised that her two "big people" teeth are already through!!!!! Yep they have popped through behind her "little teeth", I can't believe it. We are organising a trip to the dentist to find out if this is something to be concerned about or not - and I have told Amber to furiously wiggle those teeth and get them out! Amber started teething as a baby with two teeth at a time, now she's loosing two teeth and gaining another two together at once! She never does anything by halves! Here's a photo of her new teeth:

If you look really close you can see the little bumps of her new teeth just behind her front baby teeth. Oh I hope this doesn't mean a trip to the orthodontist!

Onto other news "Cee Jay" as I've affectionately called her is packed in her box, has been stamped with bumblebees for added "wings", and is ready for posting to America! I'm so excited. She's got her passport, and is wrapped in bubble wrap - she's not moving until she's taken out of her box at Mariah's house! Woo hoo. Now I eagerly await Trisha's Circle Journal....

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