Funny Questions & Answers

I asked Amber various random questions a little while ago to see what her answers would be. Here they are:

1. Where does God live? Heaven, in a cloud house - may have a horse or cat

2. Why do you go to school? To learn stuff like maths, manners, to behave and be quiet

3. Where does rain come from? Thunder, lightning, God uses his powers

4. What does Piglet do while you are at school? Runs around the house screaming his head off!

5. Why can't you live on the moon? Because it is too high

6. How do you build a house? Other people get walls and do stuff with bricks

7. Where do butterflies go when it rains? To their house - Nana live in the bush near sick bay (cause Amber belives that Nana came back as a butterfly)

8. Why can't emus fly? They don't have enough feathers and they have very long legs

9. Where does wind come from? In Spring the leaves fall off the trees which causes wind

10. How do cars work? Special keys. You move the stick to "R" for "Ride" and use the steering wheel - if the words are up it means forward, if the words are down it means reverse

11. How do lights work? The sun shines on the powerlines and storms give electricity

12. What do flies have on their feet? Little ticklish things

13. Why do we wear clothes? It's naughty if you go naked and people can say how gross that person is!

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Callie @ Scrap Happy NZ said...

Awesome layout, what a cool idea to use a giant speech bubble! I love the way little ones think, and how sometimes their simple way of viewing things can be surprisingly wise :)