Amber's Carols Night at School

What a wonderful evening this turned out to be! Amber unfortunately decided that an afternoon tea of candy canes was a good idea. This turned bad very quickly when she spent the whole evening feeling ill! So there arn't too many photos of her. The first photo is Amber receiving her Grade 1 certificate, the next few photos are of Amber, Chelsea and Kylie playing with glow sticks, bangles and pretend light up candles. Then the finale of the evening - the fireworks. Both girls arn't used to them and were quite unsettled throughout the display, but us mums thought it was just beautiful! Nice to know where our huge school fees are going!! Amber also sang Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming To Town with her class.

Okay so I tried to upload the video - but it's too big :(

I honestly could not find Amber though - I found most of her friends, but I just couldn't pick Amber - she tells me she was behind the "H", as they went through the alphabet and held up cards the kids said words that started with the letter relating to Christmas.

This little video is of Amber and Chelsea playing with their candles - as you can see Amber just wasn't in it - Chelsea on the other had had a really enjoyable night and was only interested in Amber! Chelsea is Amber's number one fan and groupie!!

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