Halloween Craft

Halloween is just around the corner and tomorrow Amber has show-and-tell. What better day for show-and-tell than All Hallows Day! So she is taking her My Little Pony basket and I'm filling it with goodies for her class mates! I used snack size zip lock bags, filled them with lollypops, Allens halloween shaped lollies, Starburst jelly babies and fruits and my left over candied corn (personally they taste like flour and starch -bleh, but the kids might like them!), then I topped the bags off with little toppers created in Word, PSP and using Graphic Garden graphics and the font "Bones".
Thankfully they are double protected with the zip and the staples, so it should take them longer to get into them - hopefully at home, instead of running around the classroom high on suger for Amber's teacher to put up with ! Can you see the draculars teeth! There are black cats, hamburgers, hotdogs, spiders, webs, bones, skeletons - all sorts of goodies! Halloween is so much fun!

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