The start of the school holidays

Can you believe this is the last 2 week holiday Amber will have and then it's Christmas!!! Gosh the year is wizzing by now! My day started at 5am when I got up to get ready for my new job. I had to be at the train station by 6.30 to catch the train - turns out the train leaves at 6.30 so it's very lucky that I was there early! I was in the Pre Kindy room for the day and on this particular day I got to meet 4 burley Firemen who came to visit with their truck! We had to walk 15 kids at a time out to the main street to see the big truck, play with a hose and collect stickers, tattoos and balloons! We didn't get any lights or sirens though. Then we ate lunch, played, slept, played some more and then I jumped the train and came home again. Phew. Meanwhile Jas & Amber went fishing! I missed seeing Amber catch her first fish - turns out every time she left her rod, daddy was holding it and managed to catch 4 fish - but because it's Amber's rod she technically caught them (according to Amber). Daddy only caught 2 fish, but he did get a shark, stingray and some sort of crab, and our friend who was with them only caught one fish. Amber also went on to tell me that our friend didn't bring his dog because it has an attitude problem (yep Amber told me this word for word), and that the dog didn't like little people or new people. Hmmmm. Here is a picture Jas took with his phone and sent to me at work:
I believe they are whiting. Amber did tell me that she wanted to bring them home and keep them. When I told her they needed salt water she promptly told me to go and buy some. It was a very busy day for Amber and she was in bed by 8pm completely worn out! What a wonderful way to start the holidays!

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