Second day of camp

Wow - I totally understand why Amber comes home sweaty, dirty and with paint all over her - it's all these kids do! What we see as being completely boring, tiring or a waste of time (ie. rolling tyres down a hill only to chase them and roll them back up), they love it! Today we started off with Ozercise, then we headed off to the oval to learn a bit about cricket. The kids learned ball skills by playing games. One game had them theiving "eggs" (tennis balls) from the other kids piles and running back and putting them in their own pile, another game had them walking/running from a marker to the stumps and passing a ball from hand to hand either around their tummy or under their legs. Every one had a lot of fun - I changed from being a photographer to being a wicket keeper and temporary cheater (just so the kids could actually hit the stumps!) I'm a mum and I can do what I like! Then came morning tea (lamingtons, fruit, crackers and cheese). Next activity was a scavenger hunt and playing on the tyre swings and flying fox again. We spent a bit of time on the hunt and some of the kids missed out on the flying fox - Amber was actually heard telling her friend "my mum's mean, she made me miss the fox!", the next activity was listening to Aboriginal stories. Lunch was Sizzle Sausages and juice and then a giant box of marshmellows came out - but alas no cooking them in the campfire - apparently it was just there for decorative purposes! More aboriginal activies came after lunch with Amber painting clap-sticks, and some more game play. We also played Stuck In The Mud - yep I was seen running around with the other mad parents trying to catch our kids (I adopted about 5!) Of course there was much screaming and laughing - I sure was glad that I parked the car closer to the camp site today! The weather was really good today, it wasn't too hot or windy so it was much more enjoyable and relaxing for the kids than yesterday (no sand in eyes, just ant bites) Amber managed to get bitten twice today, poor kid ended up with a white leg once the stingoze dried! All in all it was a great camp and I hope to do it all again next year!

Camp videos of Amber learning cricket techniques:

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