River Fire

Last night Jas and I went to see River fire! It was great! We boarded a boat, floated down the river a bit and then stopped to wait for the F111 dump and burn and the beginning to the Brisbane River Festival. The fireworks started at 7pm and then ended with another flight of the F111. Here is some videos of the fun.

This is the first jet that went over before the fireworks started.

And these are just a tiny bit of the fireworks that we saw. The pontoon wasn't that far from us and thankfully we had a boat that was open to the sky! Now I'm no video pro but the photos just wouldn't do the fireworks justice and that's why I took some video. We had a lovely evening with lots of music and once the fireworks had finished we settled down for a BBQ dinner. We then made the LONG trek back. I say long because the three boats ahead of us decided to do the unsportly thing of cleaning out their boat once their passengers had been let off - which they aren't supposed to do, which meant we waited at least 2 hours just to dock and get off!!! It was 11pm by the time we got home and I was soo cold! But it's so worth it! We also saw the Roulettes looping along the river and doing acrobatics. I'll post some more pics tomorrow. Toodles!
Okay, I've added the Roulettes:

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