What better time for spring cleaning than on a lovely 30 degree day! It was sucha gorgeous day I decided to get stuck in a rip out this UGLY shelving system that the previous owners had installed in the laundry. Not only was it in a really awkward place it made the laundry smaller than it already is! I couldn't find any of Jason's tools - yep he has his own system for hiding - I mean storing - them. So it was just a large screwdriver and some muscles that got that baby off the wall. I had to do it in bits because not only had it been screwed to the wall it had also been syliconed as well!! I'm just glad the whole thing didn't fall down in one piece because with Amber the only one home with me I would have been a whole world of trouble, so I guess pulling it down one piece of chipboard at a time was probably a good thing. Once all that was down and put away I got to sanding (thankfully I knew where I put that!) and then finally filling all the cracks, holes, and wripped paper from the gyprock with putty. Now it looks somewhat decent and ready for a fresh coat of paint tomorrow! Can't wait, it's going to really open up the tiny laundry. Just to let you know, the whole house has been painted in a dull brown, the door and window edges are all mission/dark brown - can you say YUK!!! Hence the reason for my need to paint everything I can see!
I also managed to do some scrapping this afternoon - the riverfire photos:

I'm also going to include a disc that'll be hidden behind the layout of the video that I took of the fireworks, the F111 dump & burn and the roulettes. Hope the weather is as beautiful where you are, as it is here! I love spring...

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Melanie Craig said...

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I think your page is absolutely gorgeous, and I love logging on to see what you and your family are doing 'back home'. I have read every last blog, and scrolled through each one of your albums, so while I have not posted a comment until now, know that I 'visit' you every couple of days to check in with my Big Sister. And while I may be on the other side of the World, you have never been closer in my heart. I miss you very much, but know that the adventures I am having are worth the distance. Love to the other Sparrows, and take care for now. Love your little sister Mel.