It's September!

I can't believe that it's September already! Goodness, I better get my Christmas List organised. This afternoon Jas and I are going to River Fire. It's a week long celebration along the river here in Brisbane. We managed to score tickets to ride a boat underneith the fireworks and we'll also get to see the "Dump & Burn" - which is a couple of jets that fly really low on the river and then dump their fuel causing a firey path as they speed away into the sky! Hopefully I can capture it on film - if I'm quick enough. We have to be at the boat at 3.30pm and we also get dinner provided, so hopefully it will be a nice clear night and the anticipated rain will hold off for the evening. Amber is going for a sleep over at her cousins - she packed her things last night (a dolphin, a nightie and 2 dolls - yet she's ready to go!!) Will update as soon as I have photos. Toodles

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