The idiots came out to play

We actually got rain again today - and not to dissapoint us normal folk, the dimwitted and profoundly stupid humans came out for some fun. Jas and I went to our local shopping centre to do our shopping, as we finished we headed out into the carpark and hoped we wouldn't get stalked on our way back to our car. As we both settled into the car, Jas and I actually commented that we managed to get to the car unscathed and unnoticed - yeah we took back our words pretty quick. Just as we started to reverse a car whizzed past us only to stop immediately and start to reverse - obviously not worried that there was a car right behind it that was going to go into our park. Then there was the rest of the traffic going the other way, just trying to find their own park. So there we were stuck in our carpark with nowhere to go because neither parties were willing to give up the good fight. This went on for more than five minutes with us trying to edge millimetres out of our carpark all the while the car being nasty and trying to reverse into us. Absolutely rediculous. He honestly thought he was in the right! I hate driving - thankfully Jas was, but it was still horrible.
This pic looks like todays effort on the motorway - completely clogged because of a truck accident. I think I'll stay indoors and scrap tomorrow.....

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