First Day of Camp

Wow what a day! It is deffinately summer - we had beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky and a little wind. The breeze was warm, you could smell the freshly mown grass and it was a perfect day to hold the first day of the Prep-3 camp. The camp itself is way down the back of the school. The kids don't stay overnight, we just have to trek there on foot and then have activities for the day. First we played Auskick - learning many different ways to kick and through a ball, then we had morning tea. This bit wasn't well thought, we had fruit to cut up and we actually had to make sandwiches from scratch - personally I would have been happy to make up batches of ready made sandwiches instead of this! Then we learned all about Surf Life Saving and headed off to ***** Beach (I've omitted the school name deliberately here). It isn't a real beach, it's actually the longjump pits, but the kids got to play little nipper games and create a sand boat to keep them busy. They also had to run up and down a small hill with a cup of water to fill a bucket. Once this activity was over it was nearly 1 o'clock and we got to have lunch. There was burger buns with meat patty's, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce and then as a surprise the kids got fruit kebabs with a couple of marshmellows thrown in! With lunch over the fun really began and the kids got to play sports, fly on the flying fox, swing on the tyre swings and fling tyres down a gully and chase them to bring them back. The kids really enjoyed these activities and they were all under huge trees which made it quite cool. At about 2.45pm we got to come home, and we started the long trek back to the car. Now Amber and I are taking turns in the foot spa and have managed to both soak the dirt, dust, grass and sunscreen from us! I did get quite sunburned though and now smell of after sun cream - YAY FOR SUMMER!!!

Here is Amber on the flying fox:

And Amber on the tyre swing:

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