Been Away

Well life has been a little busy offline, hence the lack of blog entrys. Basically I have been getting ready to go back to work. A friend of mine who works in the city has asked me to help her out a couple of days a week and I figured I could do with the adventure! I'll get to commute into the city and home on the train. I'm happy to be an assistant again and I'll be working in the Pre Kindy and Nursery rooms - yay I get to have fun with the babies! They have a twinkly ceiling in their sleep room! The entire centre is indoors up in a highrise in the middle of the city - even the "outdoor" area is indoors with windows showing the outside world! So we'll see how that goes for a while - at least I can fund my scrapping and renovating now, and still get to help out in Amber's classroom. Amber and I are also getting ready to go to camp - only 2 days to go! I'll post a picture of her camp shirt soon...

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