Trip to another world

A couple of days ago Brisbane celebrated the ekka with a public holiday - since we have been once, we didn't want to go again (that and it's really expensive and Brisbane is in the grip of an awful flu season) so we went to Dreamworld instead! We had the best fun. We rode lots of rides: Dorothy's Tea Cups, The Big Red Car, Dora's Seaplanes, The Carousel and Blue's Skidoos - yep they are all kids rides but who cares - Amber had fun! We also played in the Wild Thornberries ball pit, watched some people get cream pied and slimed, and best of all Amber got to meet her favourite friends in the whole world: SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS & PATRICK!!! Patrick was very funny and stole Amber's hat to wear! Here's a photo:

Aren't they cute! All day Amber kept asking where SB was and where he went after his photos. We also got to do something else exciting - visit the Big Brother house!!! Yep Amber got to lounge out in the sun, visit the pool, check out the BB Friday Night Games Arena (which looks tiny compared to TV), and sit in the kitchen. We've got tons of photos but here are our favourites:
Amber is standing outside the quiet room, Amber infront of the housemates poster (and beside her favourite housemate - the winner - Aleisha, Amber in the kitchen and Amber with a tiger. It was soo cool walking behind the windows where the cameras were and then walking through the bathroom, bedroom, see the rewards room and the eviction couch. We wanted to sit on the BB chair but you had to pay for that so we just looked at it. All in all the house doesn't appear to be that big! It's amazing so many people lived in such a small place! We had a great day out with lots of walking, train and a vintage car ride where Amber actually drove herself! - the one thing that Amber talks about the most though is finally getting over her fear of animals and actually letting 4 lambs lick food off her hand in the Wiggles World Animal Farm! We went through 2 packets of food and Amber wanted more! She said they were really cute and their tongues were warm. This day out was deffinately better than the Ekka (which also got rained on!).

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