Road Rage

Honestly what is the world coming to? I went down to my local plus petrol this morning to get some fuel, as I was coming in the entrance I notice a 4WD parked over to the left with it's indicator on - assuming he was going to drive in after a car in the third bowser (that's where he was parked). So carefully I pass him as I could see no cars at the front bowser. As I passed the 4WD I noticed that there was in fact a car where I was going to pull up but the driver was about to get in it after paying. So I pulled in behind this car and the trouble started. I got blasted with a horn. Honestly I had no idea that this was the place the 4WD wanted to go, he was not parked any where near this bowser and he was parked over to the side. I don't know about anywhere else but when you want fuel you pull right in behind the car fueling up and wait your turn, not out in the middle of nowhere and hope people use ESP!!! Well I decided I was in no mood for an argument and simply decided that when the car infront moved I would drive off and find another petrol station. Nope not good enough. The 4WD then floored it and flew around the other side of me (to the left) and over to the exit of the petrol station - now the car infront of me couldn't go anywhere - then he started to reverse. I guess he decided that he was getting my petrol whether I liked it or not. My heart was racing - I honestly did not intentionally try to p**ss this guy off but apparently did a good job of it! I quickly pulled out around the car infront of me and the 4WD, flew out onto the road, good luck was on my side and I got a green arrow to go right and I took off onto the motorway to find me another petrol station. People are so hot headed these days - if you don't show or tell people what you want how are they suppossed to get it right? Maybe he had a sticker "honk if you're a moron" on his bumper and thought he had to demonstraight! It completely wrecked my morning - I hate driving at the best of times but to have people act like that and then use their cars as ways of intimidating you is downright rude and dangerous. I don't have very fond memories of getting petrol - one other time I pulled into a petrol station that was completely empty, upon returning to my car I decided that while I wasn't in a hurry Amber could help me clean the windscreen. Just as we were finishing up a woman came flying into the petrol station, right up to my car and started waving her arms and swearing that other people are waiting and could I hurry up. Rediculous! The anger some people carry around with them is dreadful! I would happily pack up and move to live with the Amish any day!

Apart from that I have good news - I broke my personal record of rowing 500m in 2.16minutes - to 2.10minutes! I nearly passed out and my legs stopped working - but I did it!!! Now on to 1000m.....

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