Reading too much into things

Well I was in a bit of a blah mood yesterday - so I scrapped! But when we were heading off to a party in the afternoon, Jas said he needed to pop into Woollies for some things and I said that I needed to get a birthday card (since Amber wouldn't let him out of the house in the morning! - his excuse) - then I said to him that if he wouldn't mind looking for a body double for me, since I just felt like staying at home instead of going out. He said he would try. So Amber and I went on our quest for the perfect birthday card, and then decided to have a wander around Big W for a colouring in book to keep her busy - I wasn't sure if the party we were going to would have kids there, so figured I would take a bag of things to keep her out of trouble. I ended up in the middle of someone elses hunt for a birthday gift as they had no idea what to buy their giftee either! Jason ended up calling us on the mobile and I finally got away.... I got back to the car with Amber and Jas happily said "Guess what - I've found what you wanted", I said "what - a body double?", and Jas said "yes" and presented me with a kit kat - after looking at it a bit jason says "what's wrong", and because I read too much into things, I said to him "oh, so you found me a body double - and it's chunky?" Obviously I should have just said thankyou! It's nice that he thought chocolate would cheer me up - as it usually does, but "chunky chocolate?" Hmmmm I ended up eating it about 5 minutes after we stopped laughing - I did feel better after that.

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