Lil' Blu & The Blood Moon

That title sounds very Harry Potterish!!
I've completed my newest layout - Lil' Blu, it's about my car. Lots of detailed pictures and journalling strips, some embellies and a minature of my actual driving test.

Last night we saw a lunar eclipse! The earth created a shadow across the moon which turned it blood red. Try as I might I just couldn't capture it on my digital - it really lets me down with moon photos, only my SLR takes nice moon pictures. But we got the telescope out and had a good look. Initially we had a bit of cloud cover and living in the city poses light hazards, but by 9pm the sky was clear and the moon was even redder. It was great being able to look straight at it unlike a solar eclipse, and Amber got to see it also. Apparently there is an email circulating the globe that Mars will be so close to Earth this month that it will look like we have two moons - well it's a hoax. Mars can be seen on the western horizon just on dusk, apparently the email came out due to Mars coming close to Earth in August 2003, but even then it only came within 55.8 million kms and appeared as a red dot - with a telescope it became a red disk with dark patches on it. Here is what the eclipse did last night:

These pictures are from - it's a great little video showing what will happen during a lunar eclipse and tells why it turned red. The next lunar eclipse is supposed to be in 2010 - can't wait!!

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