Blinging Babe

Thought I would show everyone my bollywood child. Amber attended a birthday party on Saturday and dressed up in her favourite costume - her Princess Jasmine of Aladdin Fame dress. Of course she was quite independant in choosing her own shoes and hair accessories. The present alone was a marathon effort - there are far too many toys to choose from and money is not a problem when you are six years old!! Thankfully the card and wrapping paper were relatively easy to choose. So the party started at 2pm and went until 5pm - I'm not sure if these parents were mad but a children's party for 3 hours! My gosh they are brave. It was nice though for Amber to arrive home from said party with not a bag overflowing with lollies but she had stickers, pencils and a notepad with only a few choccies - all things she is still playing with. Now as for those stickers - well the photos tell the story! She covered her hands and feet with them and looked everybit the bollywood actress. I figured all the girls from a support group that I'm in - "The Blinging Babes" would get a laugh out of this! I tried hopelessly to get her to pose with fingers in the air but she was all partied out and actually crashed on the sofa infront of the tele before 7pm! It's hard work being a blinged up babe! As for the rest of the weekend, well that was nice and quiet - thankgoodness because I've given my body a bit of a hammering at the gym and awoken some long dormant, and previously thought extinct muscles - they are not happy! Have a great week all!

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